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FAQ Summer

Abbreviations : IDS : Île des Sœurs (Nun's Island) TF : Terre Ferme

1- How do I get the uniform?

The registration fees includes the cost of the uniform which will be given to the player at the first game of the season. The uniform consists of a pair of shorts, a shirt and socks. To be purchased before 1st training: soccer shoes, shin guards, water bottle and a soccer ball # 4 for category U5 and +. These items can be purchased at the store of your choice.

2 -Is the wearing of the uniform mandatory?

Yes, all the players must wear the uniform, shin guards and soccer shoes at each practice and match. The referees check the uniform at the beginning of each match.

3- Why does the club require an e-mail address when registering?

As a means to send the information and notices efficiently to all the players and parents. Furthermore e-mail facilitates communication between the coaches, team managers and players.

N.B :  E-mail addresses are confidential.

4- What is the juvenile locale league?

It is a category of recreational soccer between municipalities and boroughs for players aged between 11 and 18 years old. According to the number of registered players, the teams consists only of players from IDS, or a mix from IDS and TF.

The matches are played on a regular soccer field, 11 against 11. Each team has about 20 players. The matches are played alternately at IDS or TF and in other municipalities or boroughs of the West End of Montréal (Lachine, Verdun et Lasalle). All the players aged 11 to 18 play in the Juvenile League except those playing on a competitive team.

5- What is the competitive league?

It's a different category. As it name explains it clearly, the players are part of competitive leagues.  The matches are played all over the territory of Lac Saint-Louis.

6- With what team will my child be on if he or she is not chosen after the trials in April to  play in the competitive league ? Will the difference in registration fees be refunded?

Your child will automatically be part of a recreational or juvenile team according to his or her age. When registering in person, you must register in the Recreational League and if he is chosen to be part of a competitive team, we will be asked to pay the difference between one league and the other.

7- My child is registered in the juvenile locale league or the competitive league. How will the transportation be organized?

Each parent is responsible for the transportation of his child when the matches are played outside of Verdun. It is very important that he organizes his/her agenda to arrive on time.

8- Why do the players of the juvenile locale league pay more than players in the recreational locale league?

  1. Because of the registration fees for each team (soccer adhesion card);
  2. Because the referee costs are more expensive.

9- Why do the players of the competitive league pay more than those of the juvenile locale league?

  1. There are registration fees for each team (soccer adhesion card);
  2. The referee costs are more expensive;
  3. The registration fees to the league are higher;
  4. The uniforms are more expensive.
  5. The league starts with a pre-season on April, 2 months before the others leagues

10- What do I have to do to get a refund?

We invite you to read the refund policy in our Website.

11- Can my child play on the same team as...

No, this custom is no longer accepted.  The volunteers try their best to form well balanced teams. Keep in mind that the players of the same age groups play on the same evenings.

12- When will my child receive his/her uniform?

At the first team meeting.

13- Last year my child played with in very weak team. How will the team selection be done this year?

The recreational league for children U4 to U10 have a new formula in the form of workshops and mini games. They will be grouped by category / age. For the U09-U10 of the recreational league, the teams will be formed by distributing the players of equal force in the different teams. If blatant imbalances are noted in the first few weeks, adjustments will be made as far as possible.

14- Can the U9 – U10 teams be modified once the season has started?

We do everything possible to keep the teams as formed at the beginning but if, nonetheless, some imbalances appear, we will have no other choice but to make the necessary changes.

15- My child plays in the juvenile locale league (U11) but he/she would like to play with a friend in U10. Is it possible?

Unfortunately we cannot downgrade a child between levels. This criteria is one established by the Québec Soccer Federation (Fédération de soccer du Québec).

A player can move up one level but cannot move down.

16- My child played in another league last year. What must I do?

It is very important that the parent inform us of such an occurrence because we have to inform the Regional Soccer Association of Lac Saint-Louis and request a transfer of the player concerned. If we do not receive this information, the latter Association will charge us a large amount which we will in turn charge to the concerned parent.

17- Where I can see the calendars?

For the recreational league the schedule is in our Website: > Été/Summer 2020

The schedules for the juvenile and competitive league are the responsibility of the Regional Soccer Association of Lac Saint-Louis and will be posted on the TSI SPORTS Website.

18- On what soccer field will my child play?

All the members of the recreational league (U4 à U10) will play at Archambault Park, IDS or Beurling Park, TF, according to where they live.

The players in the Juvenile locale League (U11 à U18) will alternately play at Archambault Park, Beurling Park and other fields of the division (Lasalle, Verdun, Lachine).

The players of the Level competitive League will play on all the fields of the territory of Lac Saint-Louis. (Verdun, LaSalle, Lachine, Dorval, Saint-Laurent, Pierrefonds, Pointe-Claire, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Île-Bizard, Saint-Lazarre, Vaudreuil/Dorion, Mont-Royal and Outremont).

19- At what time will my child play?

The recreational league matches are held between 6:15 and 8:30 PM. The younger children play first. 

20- Are the matches still played when the weather is bad?

For the recreational league, the parents should consult the Website or Facebook to check if the matches will be cancelled or rescheduled. According to the safety rules, no player can be on the field when a storm is coming (lightning and thunder). A match is not cancelled in case of rain, except in case of heavy rain when the field is waterlogged. It is important to consult our Website and Facebook.

Schedules for the Juvenile League and competitive league are the responsibility of Lac Saint-Louis, and unfortunately we cannot post the information on our Website or on Facebook. The players have to refer to their coach or team manager.

21- I have more than one child. Will they play the same evenings?

Although we understand the inconvenience that such a situation can cause, it is impossible for us to guarantee that they will play on the same evenings.

22- Why is age not determined according to the school year? My child was not in the same division as his/her friend last year.

Age is calculated according to the civil year of birth. It is the standard established by the Fédération de soccer du Québec to which we belong.

23- My child is 3 years old but very good for his/her age

For the summer of 2020, the players must have been born before December 31st 2016. We cannot make any exceptions for the children born after this date, this is a rule.

24- I'm 19 years old. Can I play?

We can make no exception. You have to be born on December 31st 2001 at the latest to play during the summer of 2019.

25- Who should I inform if my child has to miss one or many matches or practices ?

It is important to inform his coach or team manager by e-mail or phone.

26- How do I keep in touch during the season?

Please consult our Website and/or Facebook to keep abreast of all information and new developments.

27- When and where will the end-of-season party be held?

The end-of-season party for the Recreational League (U4 to U10) will be held on a Saturday at the end of the month of August. The place is to be confirmed and we will have a single party that will bring together the two parks Archambault and Beurling.

28- Can we bring guests to the year-end party?

Unfortunately no. Only the parents and siblings of a player can come to the party because the club has many players and it has to insure the safety of the family during the event.

29- I wish to volunteer. How can I let you know?

We always need volunteers as coaches, assistant coaches, team managers, the year-end party committee or other. To inform us of what you would like to do, please send us an e-mail to

Thank you!